Profit from the Inside™

Jun 3, 2020 - Joel Block

Mark Victor Hansen - The Man Who's Sold More Books than Anyone

The audience is generally business people – with an emphasis on financial people - but it is really a wider audience of C-Suite executives from all segments of Corporate America. Joel is all about helping companies leverage his insights as a veteran money business insider so they can take the Inside Track – or what we call “Profit from the Inside™ - so he looks for strategies that can help companies do that. Every successful operation has a “trick” that the best operators understand what others seem to miss. Therefore, we may discuss your business and your business models including business issues such as what your revenue streams are and how your business works. Most interesting is usually a discussion about the “tricks” you use to be successful in your business. All businesses have “trick” (i.e. techniques and approaches) and we want to know how you use that trick to access the inside track. We may also discuss how your business prepares for and defends against potential disruption, how you stay relevant, and where you business is going in the future by discussing your vision and/or business mission.


Mark Victor Hansen Author - Ask! The Bridge from Your Dreams To Your Destiny