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Feb 19, 2020 - Joel Block

John Ghiorso - The Inside Track to Moving Products on Amazon

As CEO of Orca Pacific, John Ghiorso is known as a leading expert in Amazon as a sales platform for consumer brands. John’s incredible expertise is put to good use in developing cutting-edge strategies for 100+ industry-leading brands to grow their sales on Amazon. With over a decade of experience working hand-in-hand with Amazon, John has built a team of over 50 professionals comprised of former Amazonians, retail industry veterans, and digital marketing gurus, collectively bringing an unprecedented level of expertise in the Amazon platform. With a primary focus on helping manufacturers maximize their top-line volume on Amazon, Orca Pacific works with brands on both Vendor Central and Seller Central, as well as Amazon advertising through Sponsored Ads and Amazon DSP, to increase brand visibility and optimize conversion rates. John seizes every opportunity to grow his clients’ businesses through high-touch solutions customized for each client’s unique needs, from targeted Amazon advertising services to full-service turnkey account management.

Contact: 503-789-9605