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Aug 7, 2018 - Joel Block

Mark SA Smith - The Declining Value of Owning the Means of Production

Working in the world of technology since 1982, Mark has used systems thinking to help executives successfully bring new, disruptive technology to market. He hosts the Executive Strategy Summit where executives develop enhanced strategy skills and upgraded business acumen. Mark’s authored many books including include Pivot to Profit from IT Disruption, Security in the Boardroom, Security in the Boardroom, Guerrilla Negotiating, Guerrilla TeleSelling, & Guerrilla Trade Show Selling. Forthcoming: Selling Disruption & Executive Strategy Skills. Mark is an electrical engineer, media technologist, computer programmer, hardware salesman, software marketer, business owner, executive coach, author, professional speaker, video producer, podcaster, blogger, musician, and father of five Millennial children who do not live at home.


Website: LinkedIn: Event: Twitter: @MarkSASmith